(Declared by the GOI under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956)


November 24, 2011



It is notified for information of all concerned that as per the recommendations of the Grants-in-Aid Committee at its meeting held on 20th October, 2011, the applications(s) for financial assistance under the scheme of studies, seminars, evaluation etc. for implementation of Education Policy operated at NIEPA will be received only with online registration Id no. for which following guidelines are required to be followed by the applicant/user organizations:-

Step 1: The user will have to login into web site www.niepa.ac.in and click on the link “Online Information System” under the menu “Grant-in-Aid” to know about the information system/Registration/Current Status of application etc.

Before submitting any proposal, the User will be required to register the proposal using “Online Information System”. This registration process will generate an Unique ID (Proposal Registration Number/ID). The user is required to note the Proposal Registration Number/ID. This Registration Number must be used in all communications. By using the Registration Number only the user will be able to submit and track his/her Proposal Status.

Step 2: After successful online registration of the proposal, the user has to enter the Proposal Registration Number/ID into the Track Your Proposal option. The user has to then print the Proposal Status from the website. This printed format will contain the generated Unique Proposal Registration Number/ID along with the details about the proposal to be submitted.

Step 3: The user is then required to submit the proposal in Printed/Hard Copy along with the required documents in support of the proposal to Registrar, NIEPA at above address. The proposal must contain the generated Proposal Registration Number/ID.

Kindly note that after online registration of the proposal you have to submit the following within 10 days from the date of online registration:

a) Printed copy of the registration form generated after online registration of the proposal

b) Only one copy of the project proposal in the prescribed format

Step 4: For ascertaining status of applications/proposals submitted to NIEPA, the user has to log into the website and has to enter the Proposal Registration Number/ID. Once the Proposal ID is entered into the designed option on the screen, the status report will get displayed. No telephonic/personal enquiries or correspondences will be entertained for clarification about status of applications/proposals.

The above will apply to all applications/proposals submitted to NIEPA on or after 06/10/11 and those who have already applied should apply afresh as per guidelines.


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